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About Us

We have over 30 years experience helping people achieve their dream homes, and our family-run business – now the leading carpet supplier in the region – is built on straightforward values. We have one simple aim: to offer superb products and exceptional standards of service at a truly competitive price.

We understand there’s more to the process than simply offering choice. “When you need to buy new interiors, it can seem a chore, with a baffling array of possibilities,” says Managing Director Mark Shaw. “But we want people to have a pleasurable buying experience. Most of us don’t want to have to go through hundreds of options to find what we want – and that’s where the experience of our staff comes in.”

By asking the right questions we can guide you towards the choices that are right for you, whether you’re going all out or on a tight budget. Just sit down with us in the store over a coffee or glass of wine, and we’ll take the time to get to know your specifiic needs.

Why do we go the extra mile? Because nothing makes us more proud than when customers choose to come back – and nothing demonstrates more clearly that we’re doing it right.