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Ray & Paul’s beginnings go back 30 years – or, actually, a little longer than that…

“I started the company with my dad, Ray, in 1982,” says Paul. “He was a carpet fitter by trade. I was 18 at the time, but even before then I used to go out and help him after school and at weekends.”

It was Paul’s suggestion that they start supplying the carpet as well as fitting it, a decision that was taken early on, long before the business had its own premises. “We had carpet everywhere around the house. You could hardly get up the stairs. Eventually, my mum insisted we get a shop so she could have her house back… But the approach we have now was there from day one – valuing the customer from the moment they walked in.”

Within that three months the young company got the contract for Rinaldo’s nightclub and it grew steadily from there. “We progressed through various shops in Millfield, until we finally moved out to the current premises. It’s a great location, close to Hampton, and we’re really happy here.”

Along the way Paul has been joined by several other members of the family, all happy to pitch in. “My brother Mark is now our Installations Director, and runs the fitting teams. My sister Kim is our accounts director, and Darren looks after the commercial clients – it’s a real family business.”

Over the years, Ray and Paul has grown to become the region’s key supplier to commercial customers. “I’m very proud of what we’ve all achieved together,” says Paul. “I hope the company can continue to build on this to give many more years’ excellent service.”