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At Ray and Paul, it’s not about the quick sale – we understand that decisions about the look and comfort of your home mean a lot to you, and we’re here to help. Our aim is for you to come away delighted with your purchases, having enjoyed the process of making your choices, and continuing to enjoy them for years to come.

Our aim is to offer an interior design service for the ordinary person in the street – at no extra cost. We can help co-ordinate curtains, blinds, carpets and flooring wherever you need them, and are happy to find creative, beautiful solutions that work within your budget.

To that end, we’ll also take the time to find out what customers really want, and what is going to best suit their needs. Come into the store and have a coffee or a glass of wine. Take as long as you like to choose, either with our input or left to your own devices – no pressure. If you want someone to come to your home and bring books of samples, we can do that, too.

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Living Rooms

Everything from carpets or wooden flooring to curtains and blinds, made to match or mixed according to your tastes.


Your bedroom is your most personal space; get off to a great start every day, in comfort, luxury and style.

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