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Curtain Gallery

We’re not just about floor coverings. To complete your look or enhance your current home we have a full range of curtains and blinds, from the chic to the traditional, the flamboyant to the practical, all made to measure in our own workshop within just seven days.

Many are on display in our store’s Curtain Gallery, and whatever your taste, we’re confident we can find something to suit. In fact, we boast the largest selection of quality fabrics in the area, from suppliers including Crowson Fabrics, Harlequin Fabrics, Nono, Romo, Prestigious Fabrics, Villa Nova and many more. With our Home Design Service, one of our trained professionals can also come out to your home, day or evening, with a wide range of samples to offer advice and the best prices.

All curtains and blinds are made in-house to your exact specifications. That means we can ensure that the highest standards of workmanship are maintained, at the lowest possible prices. It also means complete harmony and continuity with your overall look should you be ordering carpets or flooring from us, making us a handy one-stop shop for that complete interior make-over.