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Commercial Services

As the biggest supplier in the region in terms of volume, Ray and Paul are the name to trust when it comes to delivering commercial needs on time and on budget, from initial advice right through to final fitting.

Whether you need beautiful, practical carpets and flooring at great prices for new housing, or have specialist needs for an office space or other commercial property – including shops, bars and hotels – we can cover it, no matter what the scale of your project. We can also provide curtains, blinds and even furniture packages for a complete one-stop interior solution. Read about our Designpaks for details, or call to find out how we can tailor our service to your individual needs.

Bars & Hotels

Whether behind the bar or front of house, pubs, hotels and other venues need specialist care and experience. To deal with the rigours of life behind the bar, we can supply Altro safety flooring, specially formulated to take the roughest treatment and remain non-slip when wet. Specialist materials require specialist fitters, and we have our own teams who are trained and experienced in the fitting all products.

Carpeting hotels means large volumes of product, and no one in the region is better placed to meet your needs – or to get a better price. All floor coverings for hotels and clubs are specialist fire retardant products in line with UK regulations, and we have over 20 highly experienced fitters who can go in and get the job done quickly, no matter how large – and do it right. Recent clients have included Park Inn, Peterborough and Hinxton Hall conference centre, for whom we supplied both carpet and curtains.


Many commercial properties bring their own special challenges. An office space is a working environment, and unlike a home is busiest during normal working hours. No one wants to have to close their business down for carpet to be laid, even for a day, so we’ll work whatever hours you need to get the job done, including through the night. We have large teams of highly trained specialist fitters used to moving and working around existing furniture to see the project through with the minimum of fuss.

We can supply a huge range of options, including large commercial carpet tiles, which make for rapid and efficient fitting and are easy to replace in the event of damage. The fact that we do such a large volumes of commercial work doesn’t just mean we have a wealth of experience. It also means we can use our buying power to source the best products for you at the most competitive price – and we believe our service is second to none.


Sometimes you need more than just carpets and curtains – you need to turn a house into a home with an entire, co-ordinated look, and at a good fixed price.

Our Designpaks are the answer. They can put everything you need into a house, including floor coverings, furniture, curtains and blinds, luxury designer bedding, kettle – right down to the corkscrew. Just choose one of our four contemporary themes, or customise them to fit your requirements. A full staging pack is also available including pictures, accessories and dummy TV.

If you need a show home to really inspire your buyers and show your property to its best advantage, or wish to create a turnkey property that is 100% ready to rent or buy from the word go, Designpak is the one-stop solution.